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Nov 28, 2012
New to this Board.. Just wanting to know if anyone has bought one of winnebagos new towables TT and how they like it.. And trying to get a general opinion on what yall think of Winnebagos craftmanship.. Thanks for reading..
Hi and welcome!  There are at least a couple of towable owners here - look at some older posts and send them a private message with your questions if we don't gen them popping up here.
I am not sure if you are aware or not, but the Winnebago towable line used to be Sunnybrook.  Winne bought into the company a few years back.  AFIK Sunnybrook had a pretty good reputation already.  And I have been impressed with Winne quality for two motorhomes for about 6 years now. 
... the Winnebago towable line used to be Sunnybrook.  Winne bought into the company a few years back.

Thanks Marty. I learn something new here every day.
I have a Winnebago One 30RE for about 10 months now and love it. No major issues to date(knock on wood). I've taken it out about 10 times since I got it. I saw it on the HGTV show "RV 2012". As soon as I saw the ONE 30RE, I knew it was the one for me. Of course they have added 2 more TT and 5 wheels and 5 minis to their line up. I think they have something for everyone plus they still have the Sunnybrook line also. The One 30RE has plenty of counter space in the galley and the bathroom is a nice size. Let me know if you have any questions.
Australian Winnebago does not have "towables" that is one aspect where they differ from their (Unrelated) US Namesake.
  On the other hand another Australian company Sunliner is very similar to Australian Winnebago and has some unusual "towables"
A Sunliner 31 ft Motorhome
European like interior

Their Unusual small towables; The Caravans do have slideouts
A Sunliner "Travel Trailer"

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