Winshield vs. rock

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May 31, 2005
I will now be the proud owner of a new windshield ... at least on the driver's side.  Quick story ... truck, rock, heart stopped. :eek:  It seems to me that there has been some advice on this very subject.  I have a 2001 Sea Breeze with a large curved two piece windshield.  Can a regular auto glass guy do this? 
Yes, automotive glass companies can do it. But I'm with Ron - ask your insurance company for some recommendations.
In my case I've had two regular auto glass guys work on my windshield.  Both came highly recommended and if you area anywhere near Las Vegas I'd suggest you make a call to Mr. David Simpson (Simpson Glass) as I highly recommend him.

On the other hand if you are near Detroit do NOT call Guardian Glass

The job does require some special tools over and above what is used to replace a car windshield (porta-power) but most folks who do truck windshields and store fronts should have the tools
If you have the typical "star" crack caused by a rock, meaning a circle or star shaped scar around a tiny hole or chip, it can be repaired rather than replaed. Typical cost about $60 and often it is difficult to see where it was repaired unless it is directly in the driver's line-of-sight.  Many insurers will pay for this repair without any deductible, since it saves them the cost of a very expensive windshield.  These repair services are often mobile, which is very convenient.  I've had two such chips repaired, one on the motorhome and one on the car.  The car repair is just about undetectable no matter how hard you look.  The Rv repair is good but noticeable if you look for it. Neither are in direct line of sight and I never notice them when driving.

Any windshield shop could do a replacement, but there are outfits that specialize in large windshields and some will come to you rather than having to go to a shop.  Often your insurer will make all the arrangements - they did the one time I had an Rv windshield half replaced.  If your insurance won't cover the cost, ask an Rv dealer where they get their glass work done. Usually there are 1-2 shops in an area that are experienced in this sort of thing.

Any nationwide Safelite auto glass shop can handle this sort of repair, but they aren't my first choice. The local Safelite franchise may be well trained and highly professional - or then again, they may not.

There is an outfit called Duncan Glass that specializies in supplying RV windshields. They claim they can arrange for installation anywhere in the country.  I've never done business with them and I suspect the workmanshipo varies depending n who the local contractor may be.  Duncan Rv Windshields
Unfortunately my windshield got hit by a baseball size rock and left a baseball size chip.  I have had the quick fix before as well and I think they don't do it for a chip bigger than a quarter.  Since I live in a small town the web site you mentioned may come in handy. Thanks

I can say that Duncan was great to deal with.  I had both sides of my WS replaced last fall by a local company but the glass was provided by Duncan.  great service and follow up.
This has nothing to do with anything really but every time I read the title of this thread my mind goes (musically of course)

  I fought the rock, and the rock won
  I fought the rock, and the rock won

(Tune, I fought the law)

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