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Jul 23, 2006
Hi everyone:
I guess you can say I'm taking a poll here.  My DH and I will be purchasing some type of RV next spring or so.  We're still in the research stages.  Our hope is to find an RV that can withstand winter in Lake Geneva, WI for a few days every year.  My DH comes from Rockford, IL.  We always spent x-mas at my in-laws house and the whole gathered there for x-mas celebration.  My father-in-law passed away in March, we moved my mother-in-law into an assisted living home in Lake Geneva, WI and the house is going on the market.  We still plan on visiting Mom for x-mas until she passes on, but we don't like the idea of imposing on the kids or my sister-in-law.  We never paid for hotels whiling visiting the mid-west.

So, I'd like to hear some suggestions and ask for help in making a decision on what type of RV to look for (Class A or C vs 5th wheel).  Also what specifically should we look for in the construction of the RV to help in the decision. 

Thanks in advance and have a great day. 
Well... If you are into Class A's then I will tell you something to either avoid, or disable when driving to Wisconson in the winter

ICE MAKERS.  Other than that most modern class A"s meet your need.  Mine has heat ducts in the floor so the tanks and plumbing is heated, the only problem I have had due to low tempertures was when I drive up to Salt Lake City for some techinical work (not a factory installed problem) and it got cold enough to freeze the Ice Maker valve on the fridge.  To winterize JUST THIS valve here is what you do.  First shut off the water pump and disconnect city water hose. Open low point drain on the cold line (hot line need not be drained, disconnect the line from the shut off valve in the frig compartmen to the electrically operated valve and allow it to suck air, shut it off, Option 1, Apply air pressure to the solonoid valve and manually force the ice maker to cycle, (40 psi please) three or four cycles, Opetion 2, Disconnect the outlet line from the solonoid and  blow it clear of water, manually cycle the icemaker ONE TIME with pressure on the supply line to blow the solonoid valve clear. 

Make sure you shut off the supply valve,  (Do not reconnect at this time) close low point drain and re-pressurise the system

NOTE: this is a portion of the normal winterizing procedure for storage,,, The ice maker part

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