Winter storage

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Oct 15, 2012
This will be my first winter to store my A class on the far west coast of Washington. If I rent a covered storage bay, will I still need to winterize the rig. Also, can I winterize it myself, or should a professional do it?


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Oct 4, 2007
To winterize or not to winterize, that is the question!!! . Easy decision, when you consider the temperatures that the coach will encounter. If the temps will get anywhere near or below freezing (inside or outside storage) then winterize, not doing so will set you up for unneeded problems in the future.

Can you do it yourself?? Of course but be sure you know how and where all the drains in your coach are. Tank drains, low point drains, hot water tank flush, drain and bypass, ice maker drain, how/where to put in the RV antifreeze as needed etc etc.

Heck, I actually 'winterize' my trailer in Florida when I leave in the spring... or is that 'summerize??"
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