winterizing for idiots? (that would be me)

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Aug 25, 2011
Cottage Grove, Oregon
I have never winterized an rv. I am relocating at the end of the week and will travel through enough cold areas I feel I need to do something. My plan is to have the mobile repair folks come do it and watch them so I will know for next time but what all should I expect to be done. I have read through a number of winterizing threads. Just hoping to compile a list all in one spot. If that exists, I have missed it and a link would be greatly appreciated.
From the library:
Now that actually sounds like it is within my skill set. I was envisioning having to insert a pump line into the system so I could draw up the antifreeze but if I only need to drain the tanks, dump a couple gallons in the fresh tank and then let each faucet and the toilet pump it through the system, I can handle that! Is that correct or did I read it wrong. I have a small simple trailer with a kitchen sink, bath sink and toilet and shower. No other water spots. If I disconnect from city water and run on my tank a few days before departing, will the city inlet spot be dry enough. I have no air compressor to blow it out but I wont be leaving for 3 or 4 days.
Mr. Seiler is correct.  There is a bunch of info in the library to help you.  As well as many threads you can search.  It's no big deal.  Also check the info that came with the RV for winterizing tips.  I read your last post as a simple task.  I think you will do just fine. 
Some cautions... On MY RV the idiots who installed the drain put it a good inch above the bottom of the tank, and that means Gallons of water left. So the antifreeze is highly diluted.

I prefer the dry method,  Blow, Blow, Blow Blow Blow Blow the lines out.

basically you open all valves. cycle the ice maker,  Drain the supply tank and run the water pump for 1 minute (Give or take a bit, time not critical). close the valve to the ice maker then hook up an air compressor set to around 50 PSI (Via a regulator) to a blow out plug you can get at any RV place or Wal-mart.. blow till no more water comes out or you run out of air.

Wait,  (in my case I use the air compressor as a timer, when it cuts off it's time) And blow again, like 10 times or so, (Till no more water comes out when you re-blow)

Close all valves

Add Pink stuff (RV Antifreeze) to drains and toilets.

That's about all there is to it..

The advantage.. When you de-winterize, you have to flush all that pink out of the fresh water lines..... Major job.. Tastes nasty too...

Me.. I don't have to do that.

(Or rather I did not the last few years I wintereized)

Today I winterize by a diifferent method.. but that's not an option for you.
dont forget to unscrew the drain plug in the hot water tank and let it drain out. i made that mistake many years ago on my first trailer. froze the tank and it split wide open. nice suprise when i put the water on next season. if you have a shower dont forget the shower drain with the pink stuff. good luck.
If you're going to winterize by pouring pink stuff into the water tank, first determine where the pump sucks from the tank and use your leveling jacks or otherwise arrange your rig so that part of the tank is lowest.  Run the pump until no more water comes out, then add the antifreeze to the tank.

With the tank slanting towards the pump inlet you'll get the most antifreeze into your system.  Otherwise it'll just sit on the floor of the tank while the pump sucks air.
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