Wireless Backup Camera System

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Brad Kilby

Mar 11, 2006
Burbank Ca
My MH already has a 2 camera system (rear and side) but I'd like to add a secondary system for my trailer when traveling.  The combo is approx 63' long and I'd much rather use a wireless system than a wired system.  Does anyone have a source for such a camera system?  Any help would be appreciated.  Btw, I've already tried the search function with no  good results.  :)
Here's one: http://www.homespy.com/RVMC-2K.htm (scroll down to the end of the page)

A Google search on "wireless camera rv" (without the quotes) will turn up some other sources.
Thanks for the info!  I've Googled just about everything out there but I haven't seen that website yet.  I'll be calling them on Monday. 
Let us know what you find out when you call them. Their ad on Google says the camera system has been reduced by about $95 but the sale price is not reflected on their website.
If the sale price is right I will probably order one from them too, depending on how difficult it is to install in the motorhome.

I will let you know.  I didn't get a chance to call during the week but I did send an email.  They didn't respond.  I'll try calling them next week.
Though in your case I suspect Wrieless is the only way to go... I'm concerned with RF-Clutter, There are so many wireless things now days that collisions will soon begin start being a major issue (Collision in this case means more than one device on the same frequency and causing interference)

But for what you want to do, I think wirelessis really the only way to go

That said I"ve seen several home security systems that use standard 4-conductor cable and RJ-11 type connectors (Phone) to hook everything up,  These are fairly common and reliable and no reason you could not use one of them wired.

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