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Jan 29, 2005
I just bought and installed a Sony MDR-RF960RK Wireless headphone set in our coach.  It is RF so line of sight is not needed The operating frequency is around 914 MHz and modulation is frequency modulation.  Audio range is from 10 Hz to 22 KHz.  I'm really pleased with how it is working out.  It runs on rechargable NiMH batteries and will run continuously for 17 Hours without recharge.  The phones sit on a recharging base when not in use.  The base is also the transmitter and requires voltage input from a power cube and stereo audio out from whatever source you are using.  Volume is controlable via a turn wheel on one of the earphone cups.

I got the phones to eliminate the problem that I need to run the TV volume quite high in order to get most of the audio  I am picking up the audio from the 2nd audio out on the back of my satellite receiver so it is unaffected by the volume controll on the TV.  I turn the TV audio off so it doesn't disturb my wife who watches her own TV shows on the second set in the rear of the coach and I'm able to turn up the volume on the earphones as loud as i need it.

So far I'm extremely pleased with them.
Where did you get the headphones Don? They sound like a great idea.  Do you mind me asking if they were expensive?

wiztom said:
Where did you get the headphones Don? They sound like a great idea. Do you mind me asking if they were expensive?

I bought them at Best Buy.  I looked up "wireless headphones" in google and got quite a few responses.  As far as I could see, in the price range I wanted, Sony had the best as far as features, etc.  On-line, the set advertised was the Sony MDR-RF920RK at a price of $79.99 plus shipping and tax.  This is one model lwer than the MDR-RF960RK set that I bought at Best Buy for $99.99 plus tax.  The unit I got has wider frequency range and more features.  I'm not sure what the freight would have been if I'd bought on-line but I think it would have been close to $10 so I decided to buy local and have the unit immediately - the small difference in price wasn't a problem AFAIWC.
OK thanks Don. Wireless sure beats the long curl phono extension cable I currently have.

I bought some extension audio cables to reach from the equipment bay above the windshield down to where I have the charge/storage base sitting on the dash.  Routed the cables behind the TV over to the driver's side windshield pillar and then down through there.  Makes for a much nicer looking installation than having cables dangling from the equipment bay  ;)

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