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Jun 27, 2006
North Carolina
I have a 97 pace arrow 36s.  This unit has a 30 A shore power hook-up and I think the wiring is not heavy enough.  I don't know the long term history but it seems that the supply line has been altered.  It has #10 wire that connects to the shore box and then to a junction box in the outside bin under the coach.  This is a simple wire nut junction connection and goes to a #12 wire which then goes up into the coach and I cannot tell where from there but it is still the main supply line.  I assume this connects into the breaker panel or more likely some kind of switch that the gen set also hooks into that switches between the 2 power sources.  When I run off of shore power using the AC unit(s) and other appliances etc (big power draws), the breaker panel cabinet gets warm.  When I run the same stuff off of the gen set, nothing gets warm.  My thoughts are the 12 wire supply line should rather be a 10 wire for the 30 A service.  I assume with several things running I am exceeding the 12 wire capacity and it is getting warm.  I assume that the gen set is wired separately into the breaker panel area and done correctly so no problem.  Does anyone have a general schematic of how this all should tie together before I tear into this and get too confused?  Thanks!!
Normally the generator and the shore power cable are both wired to a transfer swicth, a device that selects between genset and shore power. It picks the genset if it detects the genset is running and shore power otherwise.  The transfer switch is then wired to the load center.

The wiring should be a minimum of #10 all the way to the load center.
If you go to the Fleetwood web site and click on the e-mail contact link you will be given an option to order (free) a wiring/plumbing diagram for your coach.  Just have your make/model/year and VIN/FIN information handy.
As a electrical inspector please listen carefully. A "warm or hot" wire leading away from the panel means serious danger. Your fuses/breakers may not be working properly. Take it to an electrical shop, not necessarily a RV place and have it diagnosed now!!!  What"s a life worth?
A short update.  After looking further into the wiring on my system it appears to be #12 wire from both the generator and the shore power come into an area above the refridgerator (load center).  As far as I can tell (I can't see eveything up there) they both come into a box that I suspect is the transfer switch between the 2 power sources.  This is a black box about 5 inches square that has primary, auxilliary and load center as the 3 wires that enter/exit the box stamped on the cover.  I assume generator is the primary and shore is aux and the load center jumps over to the breaker panel main.  The box also has a green wire that I am not sure where it goes coming out of it.  The interesting thing is that this box has marked on the cover that it is to be used with #12 or #14 wire only.  If it is what I suggest above and considering I have a 30 amp service on this coach it doesn't seem to be heavy enough.  Is there any chance this box is something else?  It has a circuit board and what looks like a relay inside.  The coach also has a fleetwood climate control system that is supposed to 'shed' one AC unit if there is too much draw.  I am wondering if this box was something to do with that.  All the wires in this black box are #12, but my main breaker has a #10 wire attached to it (and a #12 on a 30A/20A double breaker - see question below) and I cannot tell where the #10 wire goes.  It isn't the shore power or generator or any line coming from the black box.  I have requested a schematic from Fleetwood but it will take a week or so to get it so I am just trying to educate myself a little beforehand.  Any tutoring is appreciated.

A separate question.  What seems to be the main breaker is a double breaker in a single solid state unit.  It has a 30A breaker pole and a 20A.  Is this my main?  If so why are there two lines, I would have suspected a single line at 30A. 
Also, did you call Fleetwood and get the info you  need.  While doing so  an fleetwood owner of used units should notify Fleetwood.  I did and each time I call, they have all thei info right there infront of them and it sure makes it easy to get future info and data about your unit, once you have inicated to them that you are the owner of the said unit.  Good luck

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