Women full timers - is it safe?

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Are women safe out there on their own?  I've heard of several women going it alone and they seem to be fine.  Can any women out there give me some idea of how safe they feel it is?  Have you had any bad experiences due to being female and alone?  If you've had bad experiences, I don't want you to go into any details, just . . .  is it safe?

Probably safe for the women in the CG, b ut perhaps dangerous to the gents that are willing to help said female.  When the gent gets home lumps on head start to swell and sometimes bleed.  Hurts dlike you know what.  Found out the hard way. 
Gents make sure your spouse makes the aqauaintance and is there to supervise the projects./

We've had a number of single female RVers in our forum over the years. Some felt insecure while others felt safe. I'll be interested in reading the responses you receive.

As for Shayne, he's had lumps on his head for many reasons. Can you believe he left his wife behind at one truck stop while he drove off. He didn't even notice she was missing until he was some ways down the road.
Dang  Tom Do you have to tell everything.  LOL  That probably won't be the last lumps I get either LOL
Some are slow to learn, others just like the lumps. :D

I think I'm going to like full timing.? I just like to know the pitfalls ahead of time.? I'm not the youngster I use to be.? I don't know how well I can protect myself these days.? My dogs will warn me, but that's as far as they are willing to go.? They expect protection after that job is done.? Cockers.? They're sweet and lots of company, but they are not protectors.

I have always been an adventurous type, but usually with calculated risks as opposed to reckless abandon.? Anyway, I'm going to say good night now.? Thanks for the laughs.


P.S.? From what I hear about Shayne's situation, it sounds like married women have more to worry about than single ones.? Like, getting left behind.? ?::)

I'm not a single woman fulltimer; but I have thought over the last several years that if something happened to my husband that I would become one.  I love the freedom.  I drive our 35' motorhome DP with tow car as much, or more, than my husband.  So handling the rig would not be a problem.

I think the first thing I would do is find a "singles" motorhoming group so that I was at least with people; and have people to share events and go places with.  I think loneliness could be an issue. 

Even now, when we fill with diesel, we both are careful to notice others around.  IF we are filling the motorhome on the fill side by the driver's window, we lock the door so that noone can slip in while we are on the other side.  This is not so much an issue with us as we now have a dog.  He wouldn't do anything about it; but his bark is deep and strong which would deter someone.

I also would only camp in campgrounds, not at WAl marts, or in rest stops. 

I'd also make sure that maintenance on the motorhome would be regular and kept up to date.

Not sure this is much help and is what you are looking for.  I vaguely remember seeing some discussion groups on the internet for singles motorhoming.  Perhaps someone here would have a link for you or you could just do a search.

BTW, I also live in CAlifornia....the north county of San Diego.  We are presently in Canada in the middle of a 3 month trip with 2 cats and an 11 month old standard poodle puppy..{oh joy}

Neva said:
Are women safe out there on their own?  I've heard of several women going it alone and they seem to be fine.  Can any women out there give me some idea of how safe they feel it is?  Have you had any bad experiences due to being female and alone?  If you've had bad experiences, I don't want you to go into any details, just . . .  is it safe?

Howdy, Neva.
Please check out this web site: www.lonersonwheels.com
Also Escapees RV Club has a chapter for Solos; www.escapees.com and a Google search might turn up some other resources.

Liz Pearce
I agree with Marsha. Pay attention to what's going on around you. Be careful where you stop for the night. Keep your cell phone charged and with you at all times. Take the dogs with you (loud is more important than mean....noise and lights tend to chase away the bad guys). Absolutely keep your maintenance up to date and in tip-top shape but be ready if you should break down in the middle of nowhere (have emergency roadside service and a cell phone, know how to change a tire, etc.). Shoot, most of these are things that any woman who lives alone should practice.
Neva, you specifically asked ?women, going it alone? to respond. I don?t qualify, by that standard. I am male, half of a team, not alone. I spend quite a bit of time on this forum, doing the same thing you are doing - finding out about R.V. issues. I?m a newby to R.V.ing.

I have followed a number of your posts and have observed that you ask good questions. Your questions are well thought out, appropriate, direct to the point, and you have your objectives well in mind. When the answers are not clear, you are probing, to clear them up. All of that is good. Frankly, it shows more thought than most people, with respect to your planning.

So, even though you asked for female response, I am responding to your question. (It is the only question I am qualified to respond to, since I am new to R.V.ing. I am learning, here, just as you are, about the R.V. lifestyle.)  I am supposed to be qualified in issues of personal security, and have enough ego to believe in it, myself.

So, to answer your question, directly, ?Women Full Timers - Is It Safe??  The direct answer is ?No!?

That said, it is probably safer, IMHO, than where and how you are living, now. I?d guess that you are living in what is called, here, ?a stick house.? Doesn?t matter. The hazards are the same. There is little for you to learn, about your personal security. You already know the issues - hazards. They are not different. They are the same.

Solutions are a bit different. In your stick house, if the neighborhood goes bad, you?re stuck. Or, you sell, and buy again, elsewhere, in a safer neighborhood. In an R.V. you start the engine and move, for what ever reason you choose, with little or no notice to anyone else. Obvious? Probably. But, it is a real difference.

Traveling? You have, no doubt, traveled in your car. The road issues are the same. If you wouldn?t stop there, in your car, don?t stop there in your R.V.  If you have already stopped there, and you see something that makes you nervous, start the engine, and move on. Pick a better ?neighborhood? and stop, again.

?Bump in the night?? The R.V. is probably, generally, safer than a stick house. Response is the same, whatever response you would ordinarily make.

Have confidence in yourself. You have safely reached a status where you are looking at spending quite a bit of money, (savings, income, credit, or cash under the mattress) to buy and live in an R.V. You didn?t get there, being stupid or making unwise decisions. As I said, previously, you are asking good questions - capacity to plan well.

Your greatest hazard, I would guess, would be the ?Gold Digger? hazard. But then, getting to the state of success that you now enjoy, you have dealt with that before. Only difference is that you will be ?flying a flag.?  You appear to be looking for one of the ?nicer? units, for your use and pleasure. It says ?Money!? ?Whoopee! Gotta meet that lady!?  Use the judgement you have been using, apparently successfully.

On the other hand, almost four years ago, I met an attractive single lady, with a nice motorhome, living alone. Married her! What can I say?  ;D ;D

Ray D
Well, a question that comes to mine (Already implied elsewhere in this thread) is this:

Is it safe for a woman alone (Note, the absence of any reference to RVing or Fulltiming or Camping)

and another question is "Is it safe for a PERSON alone"

In today's world, if you are alone, there are many who would conisder you fair game for their personal pleasure, They may rob, steal, or other wise rip you off, they may attack you in many ways jsut so they can enjoy a few minutes pleasure at your expense.

NOTE: this has nothing to do with being in an RV.  However if I were this type of person I might well tihnk twice about attacking a Full Time RV-"Babe" I mean, here we have a woman who knows how to drive a fairly large truck, She knows how to hitch and unhitch, she likely knows what that tire-bat is for, and how to use it, she may well be in somewhat better physical condition than the average rocking-chair potato, she has tools and knows how to use them.

(most tools are also weapons by the way)

Of course,,, I'm not most muggers

But I'd rather take on Ms Frumpy who lives in apartment #c in than some well conditioned thing who may well toss me in front of a passing Semi as a way of thanking me for my unwanted attantions.
Hi Neva,

Welcome to the forum. There are probably hundreds of single women on the road. Safety is an issue no matter what your lifestyle may be. You have gotten several responses which explain some of the things of which you need to be aware. You haven't mentioned what type of RV you are contemplating. When traveling I think a motor home of some type is safer than a trailer. You don't have to exit the "driving" vehicle to access the "living" area. If you are parked somewhere and think it is unsafe you just move up front and drive away. Much better than having to exit the trailer and get into the tow vehicle.

Most campgrounds are as safe as any good neighborhood. You have lots of neighbors who do not want trouble anymore than you do. Rvers tend to watch out for each other and I've never met a friendlier bunch of people anywhere. You just have to be aware of your surroundings. Once you start traveling you'll probably wonder why you didn't do it sooner!

Wow!  Thank you everyone.  You gave me some really good responses.  I feel better already.  And, Marsha, I believe I'll follow your advice about the singles thing.  I hadn't thought about doing something like that. 

I test drove a 2007 Itasca Meridian today.  It's the 39' one.  I really like it.  Anyway, thanks again to all of you for being so thoughtful in your responses. :)
Hi, Neva.

I would suggest you get either Trailer Life or Woodall's (I prefer Trailer Life) when you start RVing and only stay in RV parks which are more highly rated.  Some will list if they have security.  I expect the higher rated ones to be safer as they probably aren't in the seedier part of town.  We also don't stay in parks that are listed as "Mobile Home Park"; "Trailer Park", etc. as this means they have more full time stationary trailers or park models.

On another thread, there was a very good suggestion of keeping the steps retracted so others do not have easy access into the MH.

You go, Girl!!!!

If you consider buying a new motorhome negotiate and shoot for at least between 20-30% off the M.S.P.R. Be sure your the dealer is giving you the factory MSPR price.

Good luck,

Chris from the Bay area
Neva: You didn?t ask about specific security measures. As a matter of fact, you said, ?I don't want you to go into any details.?? For that reason, I didn?t offer measures, nor go into details. However, security measures, appropriate to R.V. living are a logical extension of your question. There are a number of threads, here, that might be of use. I offer the following, as containing advice you might consider. There are others. This one contains advice from a number of qualified respondents. Not all agree, but that is life.

(My apologies. I am not good at computerizing. The link may not work. If not, copy and paste it into your Browser window.? ?Best an old guy can do.)

Personal Security In Your R.V.


D2 suggested a thread with a reference to keeping entry steps retracted, for enhanced security. (And why.) The thread is a debate, of sorts, about a specific incident at a Walmart Store. I am adding a link to that thread, if the link works. Otherwise, this link is also a ?do it yourself? project. Note that there are ?details? in this thread that may be disconcerting. Personally, I agree with D2 that the thread has value. YMMV

Walmart Crime


Ray D.

Edited to gloat! Whoopee! The links work! At least, they do for me! - - - - Either that, or one of the computer masters with a black belt in computerology waved a magic wand and made them work! Either way, I'm happy!
I still am concerned that our rational minds don't think like a drugged upped addict...or the criminally insane. We all see that on a daily basis on TV. Lots of creeps out there ::)
woodartist said:
I still am concerned that our rational minds don't think like a drugged upped addict...or the criminally insane. We all see that on a daily basis on TV. Lots of creeps out there ::)

Sure there are "lots of creeps out there" but I think there are a lot more caring, good people. As for us not thinking "like a drugged upped addict," I can be cautious without, thank god, thinking that way.
Well, the older crowd doesn't have the calibration of the younger folks...who do have drug problems. I agree most people are honest and decent...but we don't have to worry about them. ;) There are some people who are on drugs and we can't begin to think about how "they" think. I've had a few businesses and sadly I employed a few folks who didn't think like the "normal" crowd :eek:
I just spent over an hour trying to type out something that would be understandalbe.? ?Alas in the midst of my preview, it disappeared for the face of this computer.? ? I am unable to find it.? If the great gods of this forum happen to run across it, they do have my permission to post it.?

Here is an overall that may actually show up.? In my absoulte opinion.? All gender issues aside.? Any person that takes upon themselves the responsibilty of a kingdom regardless the size ---- must be prepared for the unforseen and the absolutes.? That is it in a Nutshell.? ?Yes, I believe, that women given the superiority of their complex minds have an even BETTER potential for survival.? ?As long as they realize that no matter what direction the heart tends to be strung they need be aware of the steering wheel and engine.? ?

Does it require a Male?? NO? Are men safer and more likely to survive?? NO?
Does it require a brain?? YES? ? ?Are male the only persons that hold the market on intellect ......? Please don't make me exfoil upon the earths my paltry portion of gastric aroumas and clumps of left over edibles ........? bdup bdup bdup, that's all folks.?

Is it debatable as to the potential who might best for the situation?? ?Gee, while 'yall are out there trying to hash that one out, I myself choose to cut, duck, shoot and recover what ever necessary for the safety of myself and mine.? ? Stop separating the very most valuable portion of life that being partnership through humanity.? ?I frankly have never seen a moment that did not end in success with the effort of those involved ......? Whether they were male or female or only male or only ? ?Or goodness knows what this looks like now.? ?Perhaps the rumor is true and I am but a figament of your own imagination.

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