wood ceilings

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Jan 3, 2013
I have seen many vynyl wood floor discussions but cannot find where anyone may have tried to use this same material on ceilings. The peel and stick vinyl wood plank flooring might just work. Has anyone tried this?
Yeah I know very well what gravity will do when I was a lot younger I rode motorcycles. With good preperation on the ceiling and a good contact cement. I might just give it a try. I think it would look nice with an exposed beam wood ceiling like in most cabins. Just trying to make my remodel stand out. It is a 1986 GB that I got free that runs good and needed a little TLC. I don't have much to loose but the price of the flooring material. I can just try a small area like the bedroom to see if it will hold.
I don't recall what its called, but there is a ceiling treatment available that looks just like the wood floors. It is lighter, but installs with tongue and groove secured by adhesive and small nails. It is as thick, but much lighter than the wood floors. I looks (the stuff I have in the S&B) like oak flooring. I believe its by Armstrong and that I got it from either Home Depot or Lowes.

If you pull off the old ceiling material, you probably could get some insulation that comes in sheets and fasten that up there, then add your wood on that. Use urethane adhesive and make sure to use some good notches on your trowel.
What a coincidence......just about to redo my bathroom ceiling and I am going to use vinyl flooring with liquid nails. If I use enough goop I am confident it will come out nicely. The flooring can be cut to fit. I am going with a lighter color (already did the walls) since it is such a small space; I want to open up the area not close it in- I am NOT an experienced re-modeler so experiment at your own risk.

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