Wood in frame of Newmar Coaches

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Aug 7, 2006
A purveyor of a competing coach could only come up with one criticism of Newmars.? He said there is wood in the frame.? Is this a problem?? With Newmar's reputation I can't imagine it being a serious concern.? Where is the wood?? What does it do?

I'll be closing on an '06 Dutch Star 4023 soon.
I know there is a big sticker on my Newmar that states it is a metal frame.  i also know there is wood used but I don't think it is for the overall integrity of the structure.  I have taken some roof vents out etc... and I see metal joists etc...  No wood up there in mine.  I would love to go to the factory just to see how all of these are put together so if I wanted to re-do or remodel in the future I know how its put together.

I don't think you can go wrong with the Dutch Star.  I love them.  I really love the new 07s with the tag axle and rear bath and front powder room but i bet there are some really great deals on the 06s right now.

I have the 05 Kountry Star Diesel and have had no major problems.  For the money, I am all ;D ;D

I think Smokey has some pics of his coach construction here some where.  I would love to see more especially more detail if he has them on his hard drive.  Smokey you out there?


I purchased a Monaco Windsor 2002 only to find a wood roof.? Don't believe. Check first.
I didn't actually tour the Newmar factory when we were in Nappanee last week, but we did visit there to see their video of the process. No wood in the structure that I could see.

We did tour the Monaco factory in Wakarusa and saw their process first hand - no wood there either.

But I woudn't be upset to have some wood either.  We've owned a number of Rvs with wooden structure and never had  a structural problem with them.
I believe quite a few manufacturers use wood in various parts of RV's to save weight.

Most now use a metal cage structure but inside panels and ceilings may be of wood. I don't see that as a problem.

Gasser said:
I think Smokey has some pics of his coach construction here some where.

Click the Photos button above and look at the album labelled The birth of Smoky and the Admiral's coach.
The only real structural part of out Dutch Star that is wood is the floor decking.  Many other woods used in cabinets and inside walls but nothing in the structure.  We went through the factory and the wood floor platform was the only thing I noticed. All else is steel, aluminum, fiberglass and window glass.  The roof of ours might be wood covered by the rubber coating??

Have a 1998 with 75km miles - full timed in it until last year.  Cat 3126B engine - Freightliner.  No breakdowns yet.  Has been many months since the engine has been run - have fingers crossed.  Use only AMSOil products so the engine should have held the oil on the engine parts.
This morning on the way to work I dropped by the Newmar store and asked about the wood.? No one knew of any wood in the frame.? Finally one of the employees said the floor had wood in it, 2" x 3" joists with insulation between.? The frame is, indeed, aluminum.? I would consider the information given out by the competitors to be false, especially the one who told me the nose cap had wood in it.  It was also unnecessary since he was selling Country Coach, not exactly chopped liver.

I also asked about their paint treatment, Xzilon.? The GM took me to a Kountry Aire they had just put the treatment on and handed me a can of spray paint and told me to spray it on.? This was a 5th wheel that was being delivered at 10 am(!)? I did.? Then we stood around waiting for the paint to dry before wiping it off.? When it was dry it wiped off with a towel with no damage to the paint below.?  I don't know what that means for actual pain protection, but it is an impressive demonstration.

>>The frame is, indeed, aluminum.  I would consider the information given out by the competitors to be false, especially the one who told me the nose cap had wood in it.<<

There is some wood in the nose cap usually where a fastener is needed like for attaching a hold down for a wire harness or cable for the hood release.  The pieces are small and in my opinion NOT structural.  Ever try to use a screw in just fiberglass about 3/16" or less thick to hold something??  I wish there were a few more but that is me. I added some where I was screwing through the fiberglass for "accessories"  G  There is also some steel in places where some additional structural strength is needed like the Generator door latch area.  Overall I am pleased with the structure of my Newmar.

If I were to fault anything, it is the use of NON-Stainless screws where they are exposed to water/weather and there are only a few places like that, the hinges on the generator door, some places in the water closet etc.  I replaced the ones of concern for less than $10 after 5 years, so that is not even a big deal.  VBG

Take the Newmar Plant Tour on video and see detail of the materials use in contruction of this fine MH. Click on "Chassis Prep" for the wood joist and deck construction.

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