workhorse 8.1 w Allision 5 speed

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Feb 26, 2019
Have 2005 class A.  After I'm parked for a month or so, the transmission fluid is down enough to not be visible on the dip stick (checking with engine running)  No leakage on the ground or that i can see on the outside of the transmission.  I put fluid in and it shifts fine.  Also seems to use a lot of fluid.  Anyone else have this issue?  Thanks
That's pretty unusual for the Allison 1000. In fact I haven't heard of it on any of the three forums I'm on.

How many miles are on it? 

Have the filter and fluid ever been changed?

What fluid did you put in it?
My suggestion - take it to an Allison dealer and describe the problem.  I replaced an Allison 1000 3 years ago but it was a torque converter problem where it blew a seal and leakage on the ground and the underside of the coach was very obvious.  Had to put in a reman Allison but I must say that the underside of the coach still has a nice coating of tranny fluid and it seems to keep away

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