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Feb 12, 2006
Say a person chooses to work part time while being a full time RVer, and if I were to work at several different places in different states during the year. does one have to file taxes for each state worked in or ?


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Jan 29, 2005
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In most states that have state income tax like Montana the answer is yes.  You are also suppose to include any gain to the Feds too even if allyou receive is a place to park.  Many probably don't but they are suppose to according to the Tax folks.



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Aug 26, 2008
My wife is a travel Rn and she works in multiple cities during one year. When we file our taxes we just gather up all of our W-2 forms and the Accountant at H&R block figures it all out. Of course we have all of our W-2s mailed back to our permanet home address first and then have family mail them to us. As far as state taxes goes H&R block will send out for your state tax refund.

Of course if you have a permanent address in a place like Florida where you don't have state taxes then you get the state taxes back from places like CA, AZ etc.


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Mar 1, 2005
Goodyear, AZ
Nearly every state that has a personal income tax requires that income tax be paid on earnings within that state. So if you work in CA or AZ, you are supposed to file a CA or AZ tax return and then pay tax on that income. You then get a credit for that tax paid against your home state's income tax. Since FL has no state income tax, I don't know how you would get a credit back for taxes paid.
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