XLT Boost ship date

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Apr 30, 2019
West Central Ohio
Just received word that the ship date (offline date) is Aug. 13.  4 weeks is going to be a long wait.  I guess it will give me time to finish the site location.  Anxious to get 5?er hitch and new bed on and go see somewhere I haven?t been.
We had no idea what sort of factory order you were talking about.  I guessed that XLT probably referred to a Ford truck (it's a popular trim level), so had a totally wrong interpretation. We aren't mind readers...
Yes, took possession of XLR Boost just after Labor Day 2019.  We overnighted a couple times before the cold weather came.  Looking forward to getting all the systems up and running very soon.  Work on our property where we park the 5er continues.  We look forward to getting the g-children camping this season and getting it on the road as well.  JB
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