Y?Stone is open for over Snow Travel

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Feb 24, 2017
Saturday, 12/15/18 at 8AM Yellowstone NP is open for over snow travel, ie Snow coach, Snow  Machines , Xcountry skiing and Snow Shoes.  Snow Machine Fuel is available at O?faithful and Canyon. Snow Lodge is open at O?faithful, ALL food stuffs and refuse will be carried out on Snow Coaches.

About 15 of us have reservations at a AirBB for 12/27 thru 12/31 and reservations for a one day Snow Coach trip to O?faithful!
I have been on two Yellowstone snow coach tours. They are wonderful! The thermal features are so much more visible in the cold air.
Have a great trip, this is the first winter in 7 I won't be there to greet you.  Winter in Yellowstone is magical.  Be sure to get a Belgian hot chocolate at the Snow Lodge.
Sounds like great trip, have fun and take loads of pics for us to see it covered in snow
Yellowstone is gorgeous in the winter. In February 2002 we went there with our niece who lived in Billings.



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It's a shame that snowmobiling has been severely restricted in Yellowstone, while leaving summer traffic and noise unregulated.
Snowmobiling has opened up a bit, you can now get a self guided permit, you and 4 other sleds.  The issues in the past were caused by inconsiderate minority, a law suit, more lawsuits, and compromises.  Remember, in the winter the animals are more stressed than the summer.  Summertime use is over the top for sure, but what to do.  Limiting the number is being considered, reservations etc. 


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