4x4 motor home

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Apr 21, 2006
Anyone know of a ford chassis motorhome like the tiger?  http://www.tigermotorhomes.com/home.htm   

I have looked at earth roamer( Way too much $$) and xploror, revcon..any thing else out there. 



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Apr 24, 2006
Last I checked Salem Kroger can covert any current production Class C or Class A to a 4X4.
I inquired about a year ago to do my 2001 Ford E450 30' Yellowstone. At thattime the cost
was about $13,000.00. Including shocks swaybars and alot of other really good stuff.

Bob Maxwell

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Feb 1, 2005
Holbrook, Arizona
An Xplorer 4X4 passes us at about 75 mph going south on I-25 between Socorro NM and US 60. We don't run that fast, but I tried to examine it until we lost it.

It will obviously run. Bev likes a rear dinette like my '76 Coachman Coachman Leprechaun when I first met her.This one was a rear bath and no rear window. The one concern I observed was ground clearance for taking advantage of the 4X4. It didn't look any higher than a normal Class C and some of the best places in the southwest could stand 4"+ more of clearance. I may have taken mine in the Anza Boreggo where no one else would go, but I lived in that country and had 70k driving in all sorts of conditions by then. I could see people using jacks more than planned.  :'(
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