A ukulele holiday season

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Jan 13, 2005
This is one time of year when the Delta Strummers perform for residents of several assisted-living homes in nearby towns. It's one small way in which we give back to the community.

Last Friday 29 of us played and sang at our first event of this holiday season. The audience was very appreciative, and were encouraged to sing along with us. I handed my camera to someone, but the results weren't optimal. When time permits, I need to do some photoshopping.

Our next performance is this afternoon, and I've arranged for an outdoors photo that should avoid some of the exposure issues.

Friday was the first time I've used my new banjo uke in a performance; It's definitely a keeper.


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We had 30 players at this afternoon's performance at another assisted-living facility. I'm second from the right in the 2nd row, but apparently moved when the photo was being taken. My other half took pictures and sat in the audience to provide feedback.


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Aye Robert, we're now up to 35 players, and we'll be at 40+ by the end of February. We were at 11 players when I joined, just 18 months ago. Time for you to sign up.
One last performance for 2012; On Tuesday, a subset of Delta Strummers perform during a luncheon at the Lions Club Center for the Visually Impaired.
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