Air bag suspension

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Dec 16, 2020
You mention the back dropped 4inches? Its supposed to do that. If you look at the truck unloaded you will see the rear is higher than the front. Once you put your camper on you should be fairly level. You will find the bags help raise the rear but you may not need to. I looked at your picture the bags are not going to make a huge difference but they will some. With the backlog of parts expect to wait longer i would suspect. Dont be afraid to use the camper in the mean time
No the truck sits way too low in the back. Dropped four in. in the back and came up one in the front. I was sure to make the trip home in daylight. If I took it out at night it would be a hazard. I did not buy this truck new, it had 54,000 on it with a B&W turnover ball gooseneck hitch. Unloaded the space from the ground to the top of the fender well is 42" all the way around that tells me the previous owner leveled the truck out. The thing sits high but the newer ones do.

I am going to use it lol, but it will have to be in the driveway till I get it right. This gives me time to do things like wax it. Maybe finish running in some jack mount bolts. I have already changed the front bumpers with a pair of 2 1/4" dock bumpers getting 1 1/2" closer to the cab.
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