Anderson's pea soup - Santa Nella Village CA

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Mar 17, 2005
Payson AZ
Didn't quite know where to post this topic.  I mean, this isn't to imply that pea soup is a destination, even though it is for one night. 

Does Anderson's specialize in something else besides the soup?  I seem to recall other specialties being mentioned. 

Anderson's IS a destination !! Best pea soup in the world and if you can still get it, their all-you-can-eat soup and bread is to die for. Dang, now I'm hungry.
Yup at least in their spot, the original, in Buellton down by Solvang.  Danish and not only the pastry.  Their best buy tho is the traveler's special, soup and red wine.
Donno about Santa Nella, but we have never had problems at Buellton with parking on the steet, the Avenue of the Flags with a trailer.
AlGriefer said:
OK, so is there easy in and out RV parking at either or both?  A hungry RV'er wants to know!  ;D


There is an RV part of the parking lot at the one in Santa Nella. I have stayed at the truck stop across the way and when we leave in the early AM there are several RVs overnighting there so I am sure its OK for an in and out stop.

Buelleton is very easy as Carl said.

This thread got me looking at the Solvang area(and hungry).  Has anyone stayed at Flying flags RV Park?
Lowell said:
This thread got me looking at the Solvang area(and hungry). Has anyone stayed at Flying flags RV Park?

It is a regular for me.  Very nice park in a good touring location.  I have recommended it for a forum rally -- so far unsucessfully.
wendy:  "Bread" as in warm, fresh baked bread?  I'm spending the night.

I'm glad somebody asked about RV parking.  I'll look for it.

Pat said:
wendy:? "Bread" as in warm, fresh baked bread??

Yep, at least it used to be. They brought a basket full of a variety of fresh bread including soft, warm sourdough, also a variety of crackers.

Dang, I'm making myself hungry !! Carl, when are we having that rally in Buellton?
Dang, I'm making myself hungry !! Carl, when are we having that rally in Buellton

I gave it a try and got nothing but stories as how no one would want to be in Sta. Barbara county in the autumn.

However, if you are hungry don't forget the Hitching Post in Buellton with their wine list of some 50 pinot noirs (and no merlots).? ?Or chowing down on a breakfast of abelskivver and sausage in Solvang.? Or vineyard crawlling along Foxen Canyon Road and in Los Olivos.? ?Or hitting Lake Cachuma for bass, trout, or cats.?Or doing the naturalist lake tour there.  ?Or doing lunch and beer at the Old Stage Coach Stop in Cold Canyon.? Or the flower fields in Lompoc.? Or the off chance of catching an announced missile launch at Vandenburg.? Or buying sweet corn picked that morning at the farm stand just outside of Solvang.? Or picking up a really neat piece of cutlery at Nordic Knives in Solvang.

Pity that, now that October and the harvest is here.? ?:(

Don't count me amongst the 'nay' sayers. I hate southern California but I'd go for a fall rally in the Buellton area.
Wendy/Carl, we'd make it to a fall rally there too.
Anyone have a recommendation for travel routes through LA from Phoenix area to Buellton?
I-10 to the I-215 at Loma Linda/ San Bernardino. 
I-225 north  about 5 miles to the I-210 .
I-210 west to the I-5 at Sylmar on the north LA city limit.
I-5 north  10 miles to CA-126 at Valencia.
CA-126 west to US 101 on the coast. 
US 101 north thru Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Gaviota Pass to Buellton.

The I-210 is the newest freeway in the LA metro area and has just been opened thru to the 215.  It is generally 5 or more lanes each way and is a excellent bypass to urban LA.  CA126 is a newly widened 6 lane rural road thru lovely citrus grove country.  The farmer stands are worth a stop.

I would like to suggest one small modification. It's one that I've used many times and avoids the traffic and poor pavement you get when staying on I-10. Exit I-10 near Redlands onto CA30 northbound. It is 4 lane limited access and after it curves westbound becomes an extension of I-210.  Before the 210 was finished it was my route to I-15 north (via the 215).  Much faster, better road and fewer interchanges ;D
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