Anyone own a Newmar?

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Mar 11, 2005
wherever we are parked
When I first joined this forum, someone here recommended the Kountry Star Newmar to me saying they owned one themselves.  I have long forgotten who that was.

Just curious if I have any fellow Newmar owners in the framily?

>>Just curious if I have any fellow Newmar owners in the framily?<<

We have one as do Bob Zambenini, Fred Thomas, Jim Johnston and Jim Crouch for beginners!! Although all of these have Dutch Stars. G

Great!  Am glad to meet the other Newmar owners.  The Dutch Star sure is popular.  We had a choice budget-wise between a pretty basic Dutch Star or a more than fully loaded Kountry Star.  In addition fuel economy was foremost on our mind.  So in the end we opted for the KS and spent a lot of leftover money on extras.

I worry that we might find ourselves with a carrying capacity problem as a result.  The front axle ratings are the same, but the DS has a greater rear axle rating.  Only time will tell, but we definitely will have to be very very careful in how we load up the KS.

I could see no difference at all in DS construction vs KS construction other than the bigger engine (350 hp vs. 330 hp) and whatever they do to increase axle capacity.  I think allowing for larger tire size has a lot to do with capacity.  The floors, walls, roofs etc are identical.  And everything that comes standard in the DS we were able to get as options on the KS.

Anyone recall who it was n this forum that has the Kountry Star?  I remember when I first started out on my research they encouraged me to look closely at it.  I think they have an older version with the 300 Cat, but not sure about that.
Hey Jarhead!  Goad to hear you love your KS.  I hope "real soon now" we will be loving ours.  I still don't know when they are going to drive it to the dealer, but it is ready.  I think Memorial Day weekend is not a good time to take delivery.  Likely some big shots threw their weight around to get ahead of me.
Yes, we own a Mountain Aire DP model 4301 which we thoroughly enjoy.? We like everything about the coach and the service from Newmar has been outstanding.? Count us among the many satisfied Newmar owners.
Yes,  I own one.  2003 Kountry Star, 38' DP.  17000 miles on it and I love it.

I had a 1998 Winnebago gas and can't believe the difference going to a DP.  Have not had to contact the factory yet so don't know what kind of service Newmar has.

Get about 8.5 mpg over three months . 

Rick and Barb

38' 2003 Kountry Star model 3703, Steer safe, 300 hp Cummins, Allison MH3060, Tow 1997 Jeep.
Mike and Rick, Howdy Howdy!

" Have not had to contact the factory yet so don't know what kind of service Newmar has."

ROFL Rick!

Mike, the one Mountain Aire (2005) I had a chance to step into looked really gorgeous!
;) Hello Smokey, Yes I am a Newmar Owner, been one since 1996. We have had two fifth-wheels and two Class A Motorhomes, the latest a 2005 Newmar Mountain Aire on a W-24 Workhorse chassis.
Wow Ed!  Another forum Newmar owner.

Maybe we shold start a sub group within the forum for Newmar.  :D

I had no idea there were so many Newmars around here.
;D Smokey that sounds like a good idea. My wife and I are also the Pennsylvania State Directors for The Newmar Kountry Klub. Ed.S
That's great Ed!  I think we get signed up for the Kountry Club when we settle on the new pusher.  I was going to say next week, but this has been a very frustrating month and our ship date keeps slipping.

I did buy two Kountry Club hats in anticipation when I was out at Newmar factory this month.  I heard there was a club in Newmar for full timers, so we are hoping to join that one.
The NKK fultimers chapter is run by George and Barbara Carlson. We met them this winter in Gila Bend and spent part of a week enjoying their company. If memory serves me they said there are about 300 fultimers in their chapter.

Mike Garner
Daisy and I own a 1998 Dutch Start, Cat 300 and Freightliner.  Love it.  Have 75k miles on it.  No engine, chassis problems, runs great. Getting 9.46 miles per gallon towing a Jeep Cherokee for the 75K miles.  Had some stress cracked windshields but cured that with some work on a leaking jack and windshields no gluded into the the grommet.

Lived in it fulltime from 1998 to late 2004 when we went part time.  Belong to the Newmar Kountry Klub, the FMCA Freightliner Club and the FMCA Cat engine owners club.
Newbie here.

I have a 2005 Kountry Star 3910, 330 Cummins, Spartan chassis, same as Smoky, and so far I am very happy with it. Don't have anything to compare it with so I would be happy with just about anything in its class. This is my VERY first time to do any camping or RVing except for when I was in the Boy Scouts. I will be retiring in six months and am preparing myself do do a lot of travlin' and sightseeing.

I just completed my initial shakedown cruise without too many problems. Little things like not having the right sewer fittings, trying to figure out where to connect stuff, scared of getting trapped in a no-turnaround situation and forgetting to unlock the steering on the toad were my main worries.

All in all, I think I'm falling in love with this RV lifestyle and will be full timing for awhile. At least I'll give it a try.
vigibill said:
I will be retiring in six months and am preparing myself do do a lot of travlin' and sightseeing.

Bet your looking forward to the retirement.  Several of us here can highly recommend it. ;D ;D ;D ;D

Any chance you will be able to join us at one of our RV Forum rallies, like Quartzsite, Az in January or Moab in  in May or maybe both?
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