Australia Standard Drivers Licence and Class A or Class C

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Oct 26, 2012
Victoria Australia
Hi Guys
I now am in a state of confusion after viewing several reference sites, forum posts and articles.
I realize that the rules may change from state to state but I have a standard Australian drivers licence that allows me to drive a vehicle up to 4.5 tonnes which is 9900lbs and upto 12 seats.
I seem pretty confident that my licence will sufficient to be able to drive a class C but a Class A is another question.
Would I possible be able to drive a class A vehicle depending on its weight ie less than 9900lbs?

Normally, I'd say that a regular/standard drivers licence from your home state or country would be all you need. But, if your licence specifically states a weight limit, I suspect you would be restricted to that. The challenge then becomes finding a motorhome weighing less than 9,900 lbs. A 'lightweight' class A would be closer to double that weight, and you'd likely be hard pressed to find a class C under 9,900 lbs. You might need to look at a class B (van).

FWIW the 'car' (large SUV) we tow behind our motorhome weighs approx 8,000 lbs.
I am using my standard Australian licence in conjunction with international licence to drive my A class Thor Ace with out problem. I have been stopped by police once only in Oregon and all was OK.
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