bravo backup camera

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Oct 15, 2006
hi..we are new to the group..we are not full-timers as we still have to work :( .  we have a montana fifth wheel that we attach a one wheel swivel wheel trailer to to haul a motorcycle.  due to the fact that the darn wheel came off last trip (no damage to trailer or bike thank goodness) we are going to install a camara to see back there.  found this camera where the monitor mounts over existing rear view mirrow.  has a 160 degree so we might can see wheel and bike.  anybody have any experience with it.  my husband also found something called PLC on internet and wondering if that a better way to go.   
this one also has something for the cell phone so when i call him to tell him how to back up he might can hear me better...(or maybe he does hear and just not listen :D)
I've been considering buying a Swivelwheel for a few years now.  Is it worth the cost?  Did anymore wheels fall off in the last two years?  You had the hitch installed on your Montana, I still can't find out if the hitch will install on my Carriage Cameo.  Any info would be appreciated.
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