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Oct 28, 2012
I have a 31ft travel trailer pulled by an F250.  I need some advice for cargo carriers.  I always haul firewood and bicyles.  I have seen cargo carriers attached to the rear of the trailer and a bike rack attached also.  Any ideas or advice.  I have looked online at many carriers...anyone use one they really like?  thanks
I studied every cargo carrier online I could find, mostly at Amazon, then I stopped at a few shops I ran into one day,  to see theirs and one shop sent me to another shop and  lo and behold they had just what I wanted and were willing to assemble and install it for me too right then and there.  Bingo!  Otherwise I was planning to order and assemble one I liked.

I chose aluminum, a bit more pricey, but it's lighter in weight but still was rated at 500 pounds carrying capacity.

I bought an offset  dual hitch with mine because I wanted my cargo carrier higher up off the ground but they make cargo carriers with built-in bike racks too.  I can also lower mine back down then hang a bike rack off the 2nd hitch.

Good luck and keep looking until you figure out what you want and what works. I went with a 500 pound carrying capacity, figuring it would be stronger even though I don't carry near that much on it.

I watched a funny guy in a campground on the lot next to me unload SIX bikes off his cargo carrier, and each bike was a different color and size (4 kids and small wife).  It was funny to hear him count them as he unloaded them then finished by saying 1-2-3-4-5- SIX bikes!  Cool!  I didn't lose any! 
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