Coming to Florida for the winter to get a tan and play on the beach...

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Garden Knowm

Oct 12, 2006
I am so happy I found this website!

I am planing on finishing my last project in the next month and then driving to FLORIDA to chill out on the BEACH.  Can anybody suggest an RV park (to park a 32 foot double slide out).  I would prefer something very close to the beach (less than 1 mile) with an active beach scene. 

Probably the further south the warmer?  true?  I was thinking around Miami?

: )
Your chances of finding an availale spot on the beach in the Miami/Ft Lauderdale area are slim - there aren't many and they are often booked a year or more in advance. Often by the same people, year after year. Ditto for the Florida Keys. Chances are better on in The Tampa/ST Pete & Ft Meyers, etc. area.  You might find something up around Daytona & Ormond Beach too.

Yes, the further south the better.  The Florida panhandle has nice beaches but it gets pretty chilly in mid-winter. Mid afternoon is sunny and pleasant, but mornings and evenings will be quite cool for beaching.
Thanks for the suggestions..

Mr. Roamer, your breaking my heart....  :'(

There must be something.. even if it is a mile or two away from the beach.  All of the camp grounds I have looked at are very secluded.  I personally like hanging with a scene that's got some action.. beach sports, beach bars and restaurants, tourists... etc...  I want to stay for at least a month and get acclimated to an area.

Thanks for your responses  ;D

Mr. Roamer...

Is it possible to "subscribe" to individual threads so that when somebody posts in a thread of interest to me, I get an e-mail?

Is there anywhere else you cansuggest in the USA that has a beach scene like I mentioned.  I am in California and I would like something a bit warmer for the winter..

cheers and thanks for the great site!!
Garden Knowm said:
Is it possible to "subscribe" to individual threads so that when somebody posts in a thread of interest to me, I get an e-mail?

You can't subscribe to topics per se, but there's an option in your profile settings to be notified of replies to topics you've participated in. Click the Profile button above, then select Notifications and email on the left of your screen.
You would like the Daytona Beach area, but there are no campgrounds right on the beach or Intracoastal.  There are a couple a bit inland, not far. Try the Trailer Life online directory (you have to join but its free) and search on Daytona, FL.
Also look under New Smyrna, Port Orange and Ormond Beach. Ormond has a few closer to the water, I think, and its only a couple miles down the beach front road (Rt A1A) to Daytona. 

Here's another possibliity and its right on the beach: Beverly Beach Camptown Resort  It' s in Flagler Beach, which doesn't have quite the action of Daytona, but its growing.

Trailer Life Online Directory

Fort Lauderdale would be a great scene too - we used to live in the area and my daughter still does. But all the beach real estate has gone for megabuck condos long ago - real estate is simply far too valuable for campgrounds.  There are hotels on the beaches but only a few campgrounds left anwhere near.  Try "Fort Lauderdale" in the TL directory and check with the campgrounds. I've been able to get into Paradise Island (3-4  miles inland but in the city) during the winter season before, but only for short stays. You might get lucky on one of them. Expect steep rates, though. Florida is a Mecca during the winter.

You might also like Marathon, Key West and Key Largo in the Florida Keys. Plenty of action, though the beaches are more rock than sand in most places. Try those in the TL directoryas well and call/email the resorts listed. Again, you might still get lucky with a 1-2 month opening.
Won't the Notify button send a notification when replies are posted to a topic?
HFWPOH. Thanks Ned, I forgot that we had a Notify button  :-[
Thanks for all the info.. The suggestion are fantastic and give me hope? : )

How about this place?

I would prefer a place that is not a giant parking lot.. but I really like the proximty to the water and the wirelss internet.
That's fine and dandy place but nowhere near Florida and Miami.  It's in South Texas on the gulf beach.  Don't think the night life action would be any where near  Miami.
I know what you're going through, I just booke a month  in Dec/Jan and March in St Petes.  It's our first lengthy foray into the RV world, so we had quite a time deciding on what we wanted.  So we chose a park in the city, close to everything, but not really resort.  Hope we both enjoy Florida this winter
Thanks for all the input... I have been investigating all the places you ALL have suggested..

I am not wanting so much a nightlife.. but more of a DAY life.    ;D

A beach that locals attend... coffee shops, casual beach restraunts, etc. 

I realize South Padre Island is Texas.. It looks like a nice warm winter spot  that has a local scene... true?

And Texas is about 1500 miles closer to me than Florida....  :)

Please keep the suggestions coming..  the Beverly Beach in Flagler looks like it could be calling...

You should try the dry, comfortable desert climate in Arizona.

And the ocean front property is lovely and for sale!

Smoky - a George Strait fan
Garden Knowm said:
Which Ocean are you talking about?

He's talking about the one in the song "Ocean-front property in Arizona"  ;D
I got a good tan here in AZ this summer  You look at this desert long enough and it can look like a desert in these Mirages  Guess thats why they call this place El Mirage
Garden Knowm said:
How about Key WEST?

Looks warm!!

Key West is very pretty. It has lotsa night life and lotsa bars. RV parks can be VERY expensive there in the winter season, though.  Make reservations.

Thanks... I have been looking at the KEY WEST campgrounds.. It does seem a bit expensive.. not to mention far.. But it also looks like the warmest winter spot in the USA with easy access to beautiful sand filled beaches!

Any recommendations for camgrounds?

KeyWest does not have a lot in the way of sandy beaches - the Florida Keys are coral islands and the shoreline is mostly rocky. There are some beaches, but not the miles of them you may be imagining. Think in terms of $75/night (daily rate) in the winter. Try the previously recommended online campground guides for possible campgrounds, but at this late date your choice  will be limited.

All the Florida keys will be pleasantly warm all winter - no need to go all the way to Key West.

South Texas, e.g Padre island, has lots of sandy beaches

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