Does someone make a stripped down trailer?

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Jan 3, 2007
I need to replace our 29.5 ' 1993 Fleetwood Prowler (fifth wheel).  This trailer is used for my job in situations where it is lived in for extended stays in primitive camping situations with up to 4 guys.  I would like a trailer that has no carpeting, two-twin beds located in the upper part (everything I see on the internet has 1 queen size bed), and bunk style beds in the rest of the trailer.  I want a trailer that will hold up.  We take this trailer on rough roads to get into the backcountry.  I want the interior not to be of that flimsy construction I have seen of lately. I am not looking at anything fancy by any means...just build to withstand the test of time.  Is their a company out there that will let me custom order a bare bones, hell for stout trailer?  Considering what our Prowler has been through over the years it has held up amazingly well.  Help me out please.  Thanks.


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Mar 16, 2005
Have you considered takiing a new bare bones "horse" trailer and customizing. I've seen some pretty nice layouts done this way and there are sturdy.  There are trailer guys that will do the whole job.

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Mar 14, 2005
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Is their a company out there that will let me custom order a bare bones, hell for stout trailer?

There are a raft of them.  Rather than a specific website, let me recommend a Google search on the term custom trailers.    Then wade thru the scores of hits till you find a firm that is interesting and is convenient to you in terms of location.


Jan 9, 2006
Well, I don't know if it qualify as "stout" .  Personally I don't think any rv made today isn't a piece of junk - it's just the way things are.  But you may want to check out what I have, a Jayco Jayflight 31 BHS.  Queen bed up front, 4 bunks in back.  The bunks fold up and there are huge doors on either side.  Plenty of room for a lot of gear.  I even load a Honda Ruckus scooter in mine with plenty of room for chairs, bbq's, generator, tanks, etc.  And it's pretty reasonably priced - mine was $22k out the door including w/d hitch, brake controller, 2 Lafuma chairs and a second coach battery.

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