Fifth Wheel Makes/Models to Avoid

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Jul 29, 2006
Evansville, IN
Hi All:

Being an aspiring (and clueless :-\ )? buyer of a new 5th wheel, I decided to start a thread similar to that already in the "Motorhomes" category of this forum.? It's intended to solicit people's opinions of those recent (2005-beyond) brands/models of 5ers that are reputable, reliable and/or quality built.? Since this is my first RV, I'll be looking to buy a "mid-profile" 5er (27-31 ft, under 12 ft high) in the "mid price" ($30-40k MSRP) range.  I only want to consider a new 5er since I don't want to buy any other people's problems.

I know some brands may be good/reputable in some cases, and poor in others.? I know lemons can be found in every brand, but to varying degrees.? I'm just wondering which mid-priced, mid-profile brands/models have established themselves as having a track record of being good or poor quality.? Other than asking folks like you, there seems to be little available in terms of a "Consumer Reports of RVs".

Well, we're in the same boat you are  -  researching and learning all we can about 5th wheels.  There appear to be some names that are 'above average' in reputation
and overall construction.  Of course, they're priced accordingly !    Some of these names include Forest River, Holiday Rambler, Glendale, Carriage and Teton, just to
list a few.  If you're looking for seasonal, or full timing, it may well be worth the extra $$ to step into something more substantial than  what you'd need for weekend
camping.  Just food for thought......
Why are you looking for something under 12' high? the problem with a low profile 5 ER is most of the time you won't have a stand up bedroom. I own a cedar creek and we love it but that makes me favor forest river.

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