Ford chassis, wrong wheel

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Sep 19, 2006
Tho't you might like to hear a good story,
    I purchased a new 2005 Monaco motorhome on a Ford chassis in June of 2005. When I rotated the tires I found one wheel (metal rim) was not the same size as the others. I contacted the dealership where I purchased the motorhome and was told to contact Ford as they warranty the chassis.
    When I contacted Ford customer service and explained the situation their rep first told me I should not rotate the tires. Then she hedged a little and said it's OK to rotate the front tires but not the back tires. When I pressed her for an explanation as to why there was one different size wheel on the back she said they sometimes do that. She would not say why.
    I then called the Ford motorhome assistance department and explained what I found on the motorhome when I rotated the tires. She wanted to know why I had rotated them. I told her I saw a little uneven wear on the front tires. She said I should have the wheels aligned. When I told her I was more concerned about the odd sized wheel she said I would have to take the motorhome to an authorized Ford service center.
    Local Ford service centers cannot handle motorhomes so I drove it to one that can, about 80 miles away, and left it for them to inspect. They reported back to me that, yes, I have a wrong size wheel but Ford would not cover the repair under their warranty. I would have to take it back to the dealership where it was purchased.
    Now Monaco is working on my behalf to correct the problem. The Monaco dealership said they had not changed the wheels at their location and Monaco corporate technical service said they do not change the wheels on chassis received from Ford. The wheels all have the Ford logo and specifications stamped on them and the data on the odd sized wheel clearly shows it is the wrong (under-rated) size for the vehicle. This implies that Ford originated the problem.  But don't bother them.
    I believe Ford Motor Company deserves the bad shape they are in.  On the other hand, I think Monaco needs to be recognized for their good customer assistance.

Thank y'all for letting me get this off my chest.
Good luck getting this resolved, staneva. Ford will likle come around eventually, but it will surely take some time.  Keep the pressure on.  You might also advise the NHSTB that your chassis came equipped with an improper spec wheel - there may be more such chassis out there. If a batch of incorrect spec wheels got mixed in the parts supply, other rigs will have one or more such wheels installed.
Sending this info to NHSTA is a good idea.? My odd wheel was on the inside dual so it didn't show until I moved it outside.? That's when the wheel simulator didn't fit.? I'm not sure but I think the difference in size is only on the "offset", so it may not have been noticed if I had put it on the front.
I'd be screaming bloody murder at the dealership where I bought it.? ?Check your state vehicle laws and see if there is anything on it.? I saw that happen once when we were selling RVs.? WE exchanged it for the people and then battled Winnebego about it. Don't remember what the results were but the owner was taken care of as he should be.? Not sure its legal to sell one that way.
At the very least notify your states Department of Motor Vehicles and write a letter or E-letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety administration.  It is good that you have notified Monaco.

You might also check out your local investigative reporters or "Problem Solvers" or "To the Rescue" as they are often called.

Letters, lots of letters, to editors, problem solver lines and the like, Car and Track, FMCA if you are a member or any other RV magazine you purchase.  And one to the president, ford motor company.  Makesure he gets the FUZLL "CC"list

It is a safety issue and should be covered under recall
If nothing else they should replace it for safety factors.? Go the distance and don't back down.? Keep track of, and records of anything and everything you do.? Records of these things will be important, you need all the documention you can possibly get. Go after them and get expenses, correction and compensation.? I'd almost bet if the original sticker on the MH said? ?XXX x XXX x XX Rims and? aaa x aaa x aa tires it's a no contest and you win.? Simple as that, no ifs and or buts.? Go get um kid.? You deserve it and will get it.? That's false representation of the stated contract.? ?Totally illegal.
Just finished report to NHTSA.? FYI, they don't have a vehicle category for motorhomes, per se.? Have to use the "heavy truck" category.? Also bumped a complaint to website called "".? I think this one is primarily directed at customer service complaints.? I have that for Ford, too.
? ? ?I have an appointment tomorrow at the Monaco dealership.? So far they are playing "Mr. Sympathy" but no action.? I talked to Monaco Corporate and sent them Ford's letter of refusal plus all the info stamped on each wheel.? They were very responsive and said they would make it right and then go after Ford.? I'll let you know how this turns out.
? ? ?By the way,? I'm new to this forum stuff.....but I like what you guys (and gals) have to say.? My handle "staneva" comes from my name Stan and my wife's name Neva.
Well you got me there  I thought it was Stan and Eva  Never figured on the Neva.  Good luck and stay with.  After all you are only asking for them to get it right, as it should be.Hang in there and let them work it out to your satisfaction and make sure your needs are fulfilled.  If not then scream louded and more often.

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