Fred & Daisy's Surprise 50th Anniversary Party

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Mar 5, 2005
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Saturday, October 21st Fred & Daisy's daughters had a surprise 50th Anniversary party for their parents in Buxton, ME. There were about 70 guests consisting of  children, grand children, the FIRST Great Grand daughter, friends, and 13 RVForum members.

The party was a great sucess and was truly a surprice for the happy couple. Fun was had by all and the family out did them selves with with the food and welcome atimosphere for all.

Attached are a few photos of the festivities.



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Really wish we could have been there, but we're looking forward to seeing them in a couple of weeks.  Thanks for the photos.
Congrats on the 50th.  Our next will be 53 if she lets me live that long.
A big congratulations to Fred and Daisy.

Thanks for the report and the photos Chet. I'm so glad the secret was kept by so many folks in both the family and the framily.

That has got to be the best kept secret ever :) It certainly was a surprise for them. A few of us are still here and will be seeing Fred & Daisy later today. I'll post some of my pictures when I get back and reload the software to d/l them. Forgot to bring it. :mad:
We wanted to be there so bad!  I'm glad the secret was so well-kept and that it truly was a surprise.  We're looking forward to more pictures and to seeing Fred and Daisy once again at Quartzsite this year.

Margi and Tom
We'll be back in CT on Wednesday. Will be visiting an Aunt that lives near here who turned 90 this year!!
I am Fred and Daisy's youngest Daughter. I want to thank all of the RV'ers that showed up to the surprise party and all of those who were unable to attend. It sounds like they have a great family of friends on the road who they have come to love. It was so nice to meet several of you and finally have faces to put with the names we so often hear about. We (the 4 daughters) can not believe we pulled this party off as a surprise. So many people knew about it. My Mom's reaction was so worth all the scheming that took place. Thank you all again for being so good to them and it is nice to know that they will always have good people travelling with them. Happy travels to all of you!
Diana (D4/C5)
Hi Diana,

Your parents have really been good 'parents' to many of us who have been around the forum for a long time. They really are special people and I for one wish I could have been there in person for this special event.

We really would have loved to be there, but we were just too far away to get there.  We'll see Fred and Daisy in a couple of weeks and will enjoy hearing their stories about the party.  They have been our good friends for nearly 10 years and hopefully for many more.
Congrats Fred and Daisy.

We need to have another celebration at QZ.
Congratulations, Fred and Daisy. You have blessed so many of us with your friendship, knowledge and leadership. You were a joyous surprise for many of us, I am so glad that your daughter, family, friends and Framily were able to surprise you.

Thank you Chet for keeping us up to date and being the Wagon Master for those ofus that could be there and those that wanted to be. Thanks Jim for your report.

Diana, we all feel privliged to be extended members called framily, and Fred and Daisy will never be withour some of us near by and all of us willing to watch out for them.

Enjoy this time together. God is blessing you so much!

Bob & Bev

Hi Diana,

It was a pleasure to be able to be part of the clelebration. Thank you all for putting it on. We had a very nice lunch with your parents yesterday along with the Sharps and Johnsons. It was sad to have to leave them but we will see them next year in AZ. They weren't the very first couple we met on the forum but they were the second. We have known them now for about 10 years and wouldn't trade them for anyone!! At lunch we were talking about some of the great fun we have had over the years. Sometime have them tell you about the trip we took from Tucson to Quartzsite the first year we went west. It is a funny one and one we will never forget.


Looks like you did good from all the reports here.  We would like to have been there too but just couldn't make it happen.

We like many will see your folks in QZ and probably Sierra Vista again this year.  They are great people.  We met them in the computer world and then at QZ about 10 years ago too.  It has been a long a enjoyable time for us.

Again congratulations for picking such nice parents!  BG

Pat & Jim
Peggy and DougJ add theri congratulations to Fred & Daisy on their 50-ieth.  Wishing you many more.



Thanks to you all you "kids" for giving Fred and Daisy the surprise party of their lives.  We first met Fred and Daisy in September 1995 when we all got together in the California gold country for an early forum rally and we've been close friends ever since.  Each year we all add a few more people to our forum framily largely through the effort that F&D put into organizing the early and ongoing Quartzsite rallies.

While your Mom and Dad are telling you about the trip the Thomases, Dicks and Binningers took through Fred's version of the Goldwater Bombing range, ask them also to tell you about the "formal" dinner we shared in our old 19 foot Prowler Palace.  Your Dad made wearing a tie with his bib overalls look just as formal as a tux! :D

Margi and Tom
Now I know why my parents truley love you all. What a great bunch of people. I can't wait to grow up and be just like all of you! Diana

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