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Nov 8, 2012
Hello ! My hubby and I have just gotten a seasonal site in a beautiful RV Resort here in kY. We are use to travel,but his health is not good.So,we felt maybe it was time to stay stable.This will be a week end and possible vacation place for us.we have a 2003 starcraft with a slideout .Iam wondering if anyone knows if I can remove the couch(makes a bed) so I can replace it with a couple club chair? I want to revamp it some Thanks to all!!!!
My first RV was a '94 Winny Brave Class C. It came with 2 barrel chairs with a table between. When I placed it in a rental fleet for a year, they took the barrel chairs out and replaced with a couch that could be used as a double bed. They like rentals to sleep at least 6 (mine also contained a dinette that converted to a double).

So it can be done and is usually just a case of unscrewing one and screwing in the other. In my current RV, I had a barrel chair by the front door. I removed that, again by just unscrewing the base and replaced it with a slim line recliner.

Where are you from in Kentucky -- or are you just passing through and stopping for awhile? I grew up in Georgetown - did high school and college there. After my Navy time I then lived in Lexington with my folks while attending UofK.

Welcome to the forum . . .  :)
Oh wow,thank you! we live in Walton,Ky...............right outside of Florence . We were just in Georgetown 2 weekends ago. Yes our dinenet  also makes in a bed.I saw a picture of a redo where they had removed the couch,looked great! And where are you located now?

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