How to tie knots

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Mar 3, 2005
Tom, Al, Dave, and others:

I grew up with my Dad's sailboat in Detroit (we sailed Lakes Huron, St. Clair, Erie and all the bars along the Detroit river) and later Ardra and I had a live aboard fiberglass trimaran in SF Bay.  I used to know some of these knots in the web site below but this is the BEST site I have ever seen if you're interested in learning how to tie specific knots.  Take a look you'll like it.

Click here.

[edit]Fixed link.[/edit]
Great animation.  At one time I could tie a bowline one handed, but today I'd have to think about it with two hands :)
That's a great site Jerry and I really like the annimation. Thanks.
Love it!

I enjoyed watching the rabbit jump up out of the hole, run around the tree, then dive back into the hole again!  Exactly how I was taught the bowline on Lake Champlain when I was 5 years old!!
Hi Jerry,

Thanks for the web site.  I wish I had known about it back in the early 70's when I made a huge window covering out of macrame!

Thanks good site. Wife and I just got back from 4 year cruise through Carribean, well maybe not just got back, got back last July, just before hurricanes, and used several of those.

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