How to transfer UTube videos to your PC?

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Mar 11, 2005
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I am looking for a way to capture video that I find on Utune so I can look at it again and again without having to wait for lengthy downloads each time.  I know there are 3rd party products out there.  Anyone know of an inexpensive easy to use product?

Assuming you mean YouTube, a Google search on youtube downloader turns up dozens of such programs.  Add free to the search and there are still a lot.
There are add ons for Firefox.. And a program called Any Video Converter Free.  I use that one however lately it has not been working (Something conflicts, I'm trying a re-install after clean up to see if that helps)
Ned said:
Assuming you mean YouTube, . . .

Smoky wrote > "I am looking for a way to capture video that I find on Utune . . . "

Another downside to Apple product users. iTunes, for example, begins playing with their heads. Smoky would never mistype before he switched to the iPhone.  Sad indeed . . .  :)
LOL Bob!

My kids say it is not a mistype.  They have some kind of shortcut language they use when text typing.  I can relate to that as I am an old ham radio cw operator and we shorten just about everything.

I did upgrate my Total Recorder software product which I use constantly in our music work to the Video Pro version.  Does a fantastic job.  Not free but a long of bang for under $50.  That works for UTube and lots of other uses and lots of file conversion capability.

Ooops I did it again.  My kids are smiling.  ;)


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