I-57 vs I-65 from Nashville to Chicago

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Mar 14, 2006
We are traveling from Florida to Chicago in our motorhome for the first time.  Every map I pull takes us I-57 out of Nashvillle into Chicago.  However when I look on the atlas, it appears that I-65 would be the same distance, if not a little shorter.  Does it make a difference which one we take?  I know that 65 goes through both Louisville & Indianapolis while 57 doesn't go through any big cities.  Is one better vs. the other to travel via motorhome?  Any opinions?
The best reason to take I-57 is that you bypass the Indiana Tollroad and I-80, both horrendous parking lots in the Gary, IN area.
I much prefer I-57.  Seems to me to be less traffic.  I-24 through Nashville is a white knuckle drive most anytime.
Try 65 once  and I garruntee you that you will take 57 from then after even with all the construction on 57 that never seems to quit.  Traveled both many times.
Glenn said:
I much prefer I-57.? Seems to me to be less traffic.? I-24 through Nashville is a white knuckle drive most anytime.

I lived in Nashville (Old Hickory) and still go there to visit family and friends. I do not take I-24 through downtown Nashville. Instead I come up I-24 from Chattanooga? as far as 440 and take it west to 40 west for one exit to Briley Parkway and then Briley back to I-24. This avoids all the construction downtown as well as the congestion, etc.? Then go I-57 as the better way as Bernie says to avoid hours long waits on the grand parking lots of the approaches to Chicagoland.

I should say this is my morning route. I stage my entry by staying at the KOA in Manchester, TN that is about 50 miles from Nashville the night before. (It's an above average KOA) I leave there at approx. 9 AM thus arriving at the I-440 flyover at ~9:45. Traffic is still backed-up on I-24 but not usually far back enough to block the exit. 

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