Lane County, OR Spring Flowers

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Jim Dick

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Feb 11, 2005
Titusville, FL
Yesterday we decided to take a ride through the countryside to see what might be flowering. We drove out Hwy 36 toward Florence and stopped at a small park where we saw several varieties of plants. The Trillium was really neat. We continued to drive west and turned off toward Horton. The road turned into High Pass Road which ends up as 1st Avenue in Junction City. The mile marker started at 17 and another sign mentioned the road narrowed and was winding for 2 1/2 miles. Whoever measured the distance had a short ruler!!! It was over 5 miles of extremely narrow winding road which turned into gravel. It was a logging road through the mountains!! Along the way we spotted some Deer Vetch and Blue Flag. They are quite intriguing.

It was quite a nice ride but we were lucky they weren't logging at the time. Sheer drop offs and one lane road makes for some nervous traveling especially for the Navigator. ;D

Attached are three pictures of the flowers.



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    Blue Flag.JPG
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My favorite Oregon wild flower is the least I think that is its name.<G>

At Gold Canyon, AZ
If the Foxglove is on a long stem with bell-like flowers then I have a picture of one taken at friends cottage between Coos Bay and Florence.
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