Locked gas cap--no key

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Dan Walters

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Jun 15, 2006
Bellville, Texas
HELP!  Anybody know how to get off a locking gas cap if you have no key?  I've had the MH for a few weeks, but have not needed to fill up because I have not taken a trip yet.  But now I need to fill it up and realized last night that it has a locking gas cap and I didn't get a key to that when I bought it, although I got a keyring full of keys to everything else.  The previous owner said it should have been on the keyring, but it's not.  How can I get this cap off and put a regular cap back on it? 


I would hate to trying drill out a  cap over a fuel tank.  Forcing the cap will likely damage the tank inlet.

Check your tow insurance for locksmith service.  You are probably not the first folks to lock themselves out of a gas tank.  A locksmith working for a tow service or AAA is more than likely to have encountered the problem and the cure before.
I would do as Carl suggests, which is to call a locksmith.  If the locking cap was installed by the MH manufacturer, consider calling the manufacturer's customer service..they may have a suggestion, but ultimately it would seem a locksmith is your best bet.  If the locksmith does not have a master key, he can pick the lock..might cost you $25 to $50 but if you use a method that would break the inlet or drop debris into the tank, the repairs might be more costly.
Carl and Steve,

Thanks for your suggestions.  I took your advice and drove the MH to a locksmith that was just down the street from my house.  He was able to make a key for it on the spot for $15.  That was probably the cheapest and best solution for that problem.  Thanks again for the advice.

For $15, I might just visit your locksmith, get one of those keys and come over and siphon your gas ;D ;D :D ;)
That would be pretty cheap gas, allright.? Now that I've got the cap off, it's going to cost a LOT more than that to fill the tank back up. :eek:
it's going to cost a LOT more than that to fill the tank back up.

Isn't that the truth!  Here in Eastern Canada, gas prices jumped 40 cents a gallon overnight{ that's forty..four  zero} from Thursday to Friday for the long weekend of Canada Day and the Fourth of July..to welcome our wealthy Southern Neighbors ;D

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