Need tires for ford 2000 explorer

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Joe Bee

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Feb 12, 2006
My Ford 2000 Explorer was involved in the recall.? They replaced the tires with Michilins.? I've never been happy with them.? ?I need 4 new tires for this SUV that will stick to the road.? ?The Michilins have never stuck to the pavement.? I'ts been a skiddy car forever.? This past weekend in the rain set the stage for immediate action.? Any suggections?
Joe? ?
After reading several tire reports/reviews, I bought the Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo and could not be happier.  Whether it be rain or snow these are the best tires I have owned.  I have mine on an '04 Toyota Tacoma.  They are a bit spendier than others at around $200.00 each but, the ride/traction and mileage more than made up for it.
I'll second Harvey's recommendation. We are on our 2nd set of Revo's, the first had over 60,000 miles on them; driven and towed. Wouldn't have anything else when we replaced the first set. You can save a few bucks by buying the non-Revo version, but the Revo is a much better tire.
I put the Bridgestone Dueler HT's on my '98 Explorer after the recall  because I wanted a less aggressive thread when I "aired down" to drive on the beaches of the Outer Banks.  I also stepped up to a 265/70R15 for a wider footprint.  I've been happy with them and currently have 58K on them.  Plenty of tread left but, if I apply the same logic of age (as we do with our RV tires) I'm over due for a new set.

Since I can't afford a new surf fishing vehicle, I'll probably put on a new set this winter.  They WILL be Bridgestones.

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