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Oct 18, 2005
Been off the forum for about a year.? We bought a '98 PleasureWay last March and did a few things to get it road ready for a trip to CO.? A change of plans due to an extended winter in CO so we opted for a trip to the Gulf.? Got to see New Orleans and Biloxi before very sad for the poor people down there.? Anyway, we had a lot of wind and DH wouldn't let me drive because he was certain the wind would get the best of me physically.? :-\

Since then have used it mainly for camping trips, but also use it as a second vehicle.? I love my PW and love driving it as well.? The dog hates it (hates the boat, too) and DH doesn't like it as well as I do (it's a little cramped), but the gas mileage is decent.? It certainly beats tenting it.? ;)

We've only gone out once this year and it was very cool so we didn't do much, but I'm looking forward to getting back out again.? Anyway, had a couple of questions that I wanted to some input on.? Will go to appropriate forums...

It feels wonderful to be back....many changes in here!? Thanks for being here when you're needed!? :)

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