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Jun 13, 2019
We have a Winnebago Forza. We let it unplugged by mistake. When I plugged it in I heard the inverter click on but we have no 120 volt power. Thoughts?
Start with the basics. Is your cord connected fully, is the power available at the source, is your cord intact and not cut or broken anywhere, on the camper breaker panel are any breakers tripped or turned off?
Does the air conditioning work and you have no power to the  outlets  or is there absolutely no 110  in the coach.
IF absolutely no 110 then check your circuit breakers
If no outlets check the GFI on the outlet usually on GFI covers a few outlets. If not GFI then check the breaker.
If the other suggestions don't help, the inverter will likely have one or two breakers on the outside that may have tripped.
We've checked everything. Even tried a different power cord, just in case there is something we missed. Turned all breakers off and back on, but we have zero power. Only thing is we don't know where to find the outside breakers for the inverter. We've not plugged in other RVs on occasion, but as soon as we plugged in, we had 'house' power. Not so this time.  :'(
The inverter breakers would normally be on the inverter itself. Which make/model of inverter do you have?
Why wold the inverter stop 120 power?

OP states he has no power period
an inverter takes 12 volt and turns it into 110-120 volt
I still ask my original question. No 120 volt power at all as in A/c does not work or anything else 120 volt or just outlets and microwave not working.
If nothing working does the rig have a generator and auto transfer switch?
No, nothing works at all. No lights, no microwave, no refrigerator, no outlets. Nothing. Generator just now turned on, it wouldn't turn on at all when we first went out there. It came on after the engine ran for a bit. Going out to see if it comes on using the switch, no engine. We've just no idea what has happened. Never experienced anything like this before. This is our 3rd RV.
MY guess is the auto transfer switch has stuck.  You have one if you do NOT have to plug into an outlet on the rig when you run the generator.
If you can find where it is hidden usually somewhere near the breaker panel on the rig give it a good rap with a rubber mallet. That may fix the problem for a long time or just a few days.
Do you have power with the GEnny running.
If gnny woould not come on till engine run then I suspect the house batteries were dead and the alternator on the engine gave enough power to start the Genny
No, we just tried with the generator running, and only the lights come on. Still have no power to any appliances or anything else.
If you are at home, did you plug into an outlet with GFCI protection?  If so it may have tripped and need to be reset.
The house breaker was the first thing we checked. And when we plugged into the RV, the lights on the box came on and it clicked over. We know there is power TO the RV, but none IN the RV.
[quote author=darsben]Why wold the inverter stop 120 power?[/quote]

The 120V from the pole would go through the inverter, and it would automatically switch to external 120V when available, then to inverter-generated 120V if external power is lost or disconnected. However, A/C would not be fed by the inverter, so his lack of A/C would suggest it's not the inverter.
Yeah, nothing is coming on. I can't even use the panel inside the RV to check anything. That's a touch pad, and it's dead. He found the outside inverter box, but there are no buttons or switches that we can find to try. It's now too late to do anything else, will have to get back at it tomorrow.
I going to jump in for just a moment. It sounds like the batteries are dead. I would unplug for the night and connect a external battery charger. Get your batteries recharged.

You also may have a stuck auto transfer switch...a firm tap (Not to hard) on the case may knock it loose.

Remove the front of the breaker panel and check for power there.  Read AC voltage between the wire feeding the main breaker and the bus bar with white wires attached.  This isolates the problem to before or after that point.  Note the shore power enters the panel "backwards", connecting to the main breaker screw terminal.  It then powers the bus which powers the other breakers "normally".

Check voltage coming out of a breaker.

One other possibility is a bad main breaker.  The checks above will prove or disprove that theory.

The only things before this check point is the shore power supply, shore power cord, associated plugs, and the ATS.
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