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May 22, 2006
newbie question - we will be parking our class A this winter in a wooded lot in FL for sometimes a month or so before we get back on the road for some short trips, then back to our assigned storage place in the wooded area for another period of a few weeks before next trip out.  I am thinking maybe I should purchase a cover for use during our storage times to help protect against tree sap, bird droppings, etc.  Do any of you cover your rv's when not in use for a few weeks?  Camping World has them on sale right now, costing up to $1400.00.  Our rv is new, an '06, and I would like to keep it nice for future resale for a bigger and nicer unit.  I don't mind spending the $$ if it is worth it.  Thank's for your input.  Sandrich
I have never used a cover nor do I recommend using a cover.  When the wind blows the cover moves and can mess up the surface of the RV.
Agree with Ron 100%.  Covers also hold mositure and will make ugly back marks on the roof and the coach.
Thank you for your comments.  Sounds like I will be better off just washing it occasionally and use the money for gas instead of a cover!!  I've not seen many people using covers so they probably learned a lesson.  Meanwhile, what's with diesel staying above $3 bucks a gallon??  Guess they will be 'hosing' us diesel users for awhile longer.  Thank's again.  Sandrich

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