RVi Brake Unit Dragged my Brakes

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Jan 2, 2012
Lake Havasu City, AZ
I've been towing my Honda CRV for 7 weeks now while using the RVi Brake.  It had been working perfectly until the last few trips. Lately it has been taking up to 10 minutes for the compressor to shut off (this is before hitting the Start button, just plugged it in).  Today's trip was a huge failure. Took forever again for the compressor to turn off.  Setup as usual and made sure the brake lights were not on before leaving.  About 1 - 1.5 hours my tire pressure monitor system, which includes the toad, went off with a high temp alert on my toad front right tire (184 degrees).  I pulled over immediately and checked it.  Both front tires assemblies had some smoke coming out and were hot as hell. The brake lights on the car were not on but now it has been about 15 minutes since I stopped.  I disconnected the RVi Brake, let everything cool down, and then continued to my destination without a problem.

Once I get back into cellphone range I will call the company but until then I don't feel comfortable using this unit again.

The car brakes seem to still work okay but I feel like the pedal is a bit lower now, which really doesn't make sense because it is a hydraulic system and the fluid level is fine.

Has anyone else had a unit drag the brakes?
What temp is best to have an alarm set for? My 184 degrees seemed extremely hot and the normal temp for the toad seems to be about 80 degrees.

Yours is the first report I've seen of a brake drag on an RVi brake. See what the factory says, since the compressor actions suggests something is not working right.

Your normal toad tire temps are 80 degrees?  That seems extremely low, since ambient on a summer day often exceeds that. But you aren't reading tread temperature, which can exceed 200 F.. You are reading the air out at the valve stem instead.  Also bear in mind that the front tires get heated by the engine when driving rathe than towing.

Is 184 F. the default temp alarm setting on your TPMS?
I wonder if the problem is with the Honda CRV's..... I believe Jeff C. had the same problem on his CRV using the M&G system, which I've used for over 17 years on various toads with no problems.
The following is not RVi specific, in fact both of the units that had this problem were other makes...

When I had the brake system installed on my Lumina, the idiot installer made a mistake,  A piece of trim (Provided by chevy) was removed in order to mount the in-car unit, and when he put it back he missed So he just shot a bolt through it to hold it and never noticed it was rubbing against the brake pedal arm, thus the arm did not fully "Release" when the brakes were released.. cost me a brake job, rotors included (OUCH).

I ripped it out since it was decorative not functional in any way.

The other system I know of that had a brake drag issue... Same thing exactly.  Bad install, Same issue in fact.

I have heard of one other system that false activated.. IT was traced to an electrical issue in the towed vehicle.. That one was an Invisi-brake or Invisible Brake (Forget the precise name) the new system out there.  I think it was on a Honda.  The problem was not with the system, but once again, the installation.

This one was activating when NOT connected to the motor home.
The 184 degree setting was the default of the TireTracker system.  I think it is taking the temp reading of the valve stem/tire rim and not the air in the tire.  The rim was scorching hot. Even after driving 5 hours today both my RV and toad have temp readings that are all below 100 degrees.

I have used the RVi Brake for several trips after the brakes dragged with no problems.  I still need to call the manf but I'm wondering if I did something out of sequence even though this is an easy system to install.

I spoke with the manf and without saying much they paid for me to send the unit back for a retrofit (I bought this one in Aug 2012).  Seems that the early units are having a valve fail that prevents the compressor from shutting off.

It took a total of 7 days round trip for them to get it back to me.  The unit now turns off the compressor in 11 seconds!

The only dragging issue I had was self induced. Have learned to mitigate that. However, I also have had a long compressor time a while back, and found the air hose attach points to be loose. Fixed that and all was well for a year. Then, just last summer, same thing. Found the 4 long bolts actually holding the air storage unit together were loose, allowing air to escape from the tank itself. Tightened those up and, what do you know... compressor only takes a few seconds to fill now, and stays full longer.
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