The Passing of Don Jordan

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Betty Brewer

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Mar 10, 2005
It is with great sadness that I report the passing of Don Jordan early this morning , 2/11/06.

He died quietly at home with his family surrounding him after a  brave battle with colon cancer.  Services are pending.  Details to follow.

I will print out any  reply messages  received here  and make sure they get to Betty Jordan and the kids. 

While cancer is a powerful force, it cannot erase the memories we shared with Don.  He was  a true gentleman!

Betty Brewer
Betty and family have our sincere condolences.  Don was a good friend and we will miss him dearly.  We're glad we were able to spend at least some time with him this past fall.
This is very sad news indeed. Chris and I extend our sincere condolences and our hearts go out to Betty and the rest of their family.

In addition to being a friend and a gentleman, Don was a long time forum member. His contributions to the forum were many and he will be dearly missed by all who knew him and came in contact with him.


That is really sad news. Please give our condolences to Betty and the family. We thoroughly enjoyed every visit we had with them. We spoke to Don a few months ago and wish we could have seen them this year. It is a sad day for the forum. We were fortunate to be able to have Don & Betty stop at our daughter's house one summer. It was a great visit. We even managed to have the Nathans there at the same time!
Betty and family,

Peg and I send our sincere condolences. You and Don were the first Forum members that we met in person. Don was a very good friend and he will be greatly missed.
Wally and I send our sincere condolences to Betty and the family. Our memories of Don will now be treasures. He was a very kind man.

Ginette and I are truly saddened to hear about Don's passing. ?Though we met in person only once, we did spend some very enjoyable moments together which I have always cherished. ?Fortunately we were able to maintain our relationship through the RV Forum where he was a valued member.

We offer our condolences to Betty and his family.
We send our sincere condolences to Betty and family. Don was one of the first people we met on the forum up at the Plymouth rally. He got there early and got a land line which we all shared. He devised the famous flag on the pole by his rig to let you know went the line was open and available!

He was a wonderful and sincere person who will  be in our thoughts and prayers.

A truly sad day,Don Jordan will long be in our hearts and minds for the wonderful times spent with he and Betty

Jhn and Ellen spiller
Paul and I send our deepest empathy to Betty and family.  Don was a very kind and caring person.  We enjoyed being with him.  Paul and I have fond memories of our crepe breakfast at Desert Gold. 
>While cancer is a powerful force, it cannot erase the memories we shared with Don. ?He was ?a true gentleman!<

This news saddened Bev and me. To Betty and the family and to all in our RV Framily, we too mourn with you the end in this life of a gentleman who enjoyed RVing so much, his family, and above all, Betty.

Don was one of the first RV Forum members with whom I exchanges private messages. Always he was ready to answer and share what he knew. Of my dad's generation, we talked a number of times about Northern California and the Lakeport area where my awaits the resurrection. Bev an I will never forget the framily gathering at Gabriel's where Don's quiet maturity, Betty's smile and their knowledge and care for all of us was so evident.

Sunday, we will be driving to Carrizozo and St. Matthias Church where I will preside and where Don will be prayerfully commended to God by this priest so glad to have known him.

PS. Thank you Betty Brewer for the lives you touch and for the way you keep us connected.

For those who were not fortunate enough to have met Don in person, here's a photo of the man we all loved and admired:

A brief summary of Don's RV'ing lifestyle  follows:

Don was involved in RVing of one sort or another since his Dad jury-rigged a tent trailer on a box trailer when he was about 8 years old. He progressed through various tent trailers, travel trailers, pickup campers, class C and class A motor homes over the years. Don retired in May 1993 after 42 years in the paint and coatings industry. After retiring, Don and his wife Betty traveled for nearly six months each year before deciding in May, 2000 to live full time in their Monaco Dynasty.
Sam & I were saddened to hear of our friend Dons Passing.  Our sincere condolances to Betty and family.  We feel we have been blessed knowing Don and will miss him.  Don was a very kind person and enjoyable to be around.  Hard as it is to loose someone there is comfort knowing he will be in the presence of the creator.  God Bless you Betty and Family.
Here's another photo of Don as we remember him.


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Our sincerest condolences to Betty. We missed not having Don and Betty with us this year at QZ this year and will miss him dearly in the future.
With tears in our eyes, we say goodbye to a wonderful friend.  Betty has our deepest sympathy and love.

Ron and Shirley Marabito

Our condolences also, even tho we never met the man, but if he was affiliated with this group of people in any way, he had to be just super.  Sorry we never had a that opportunity. 
I add my condolences to Betty and the rest of the Jordan family.

I never did have the pleasure of meeting Don in person, but we did exchange a number of e-mails as well as forum posts.  His comments and advice were always among the most helpful I received.

You are in my prayers.


Our hearts and prayers are with Betty and the family tonight.  We all knew it was coming and that doesn't ease the pain one bit.

What a talented and loving man Don was.  He was so helpful when we organized the RV Forum Rally in Plymouth, CA in 1995.  He set up the phone line in his own name and helped create the experience which  made us all feel so "high-tech" and "ahead of the curve" to be able to download the forum from a campground.  When one attendee truly didn't know enough to use the 800 CIS number and ran up lots of toll charges, he cheerfully paid the bill and never mentioned it on the forum.  Nowdays, with WiFi, cell phones and satellites that all seems not a big deal, but back then it was a VERY big deal to be able to connect to the RV Forum while "camping". 

He was a man who epitomized grace, gentility, a caring spirit, an innovative mind, and one who truly treasured family and friends.  He was a member of a California family which dated back to Spanish land grant days.  A true  gentleman,  he was one of the best of California's best.  We shall miss him.

Please give our love to Betty and the family.

Tom and Margi
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