which microwave oven works best

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Jul 19, 2005
I would like to know which microwave oven works best on inverted power I have 3 12 volt deep cycle batterys and 195 watts of solar power my inverter is an xantrex 1500 watts continuos and 3000 watts surge I would prefer not to start the gen to heat a cup of water or make pop corn thanks
Howdy, Leisurepaw.
I have used a GE Spacemaker and a Sharp on a 2000 watt inverter without any problem. I can't remember how long I did run the microwave on the inverter but I was cautious. I reheated some frozen spaghetti sauce and I think that it took 10 minutes.

Hi Leisurepaw,

We have owned nothing but Sharp and have run them a lot on the inverter. Not long periods of time at once but many shorter intervals. Never have had a problem.

Your biggest potential problem is the three batteries.  Most microwaves draw at least 1000 watts, meaning a continuous load of around 90+ amps from the batteries.  Even a few minutes at 90A will drop the voltage severely and may trigger the low voltage shut-off on the inverter.  New batteries will probably handle it, but aged or abused batteries may not.

For your purposes, a smaller (lower power) microwave is better.  Or increase your battery bank to four batteries, which spreads the load better.

An electric coffee pot is a much easier load to handle than a microwave, but that won't pop your corn for you.  :D
Thanks for your help I think my microwave is to big it is a 1350 watt GE which is on the edge of my inverters contrinous  rating of 1500. my batterys are new and my cables are short and bigger then needed I will be looking at smaller micro's thanks again leisurepaw.

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