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    2005 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 5.7 Hemi - What's your towing experience?

    I had an 05 Chevy 2500HD with eh big block V8 @ 6.0 ltr.  I towed a 24.5ft 5'er for nearly 4 years but didn't like it.  It did all right, just not spectacular.  At the end of a 6+ hour day of towing I was exhausted.  (Load was about 75% of max ratings) I bought an 09 GMC, Duramax AND upgraded...
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    Gas Prices

    SE Arizona 87 Octane = 2.84 Diesel = 2.99 - 2.89 if you hunt
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    NO LONGER the youngest fulltimer on the forums

    You'll be back!!!!!  :) It was nearly 30 years between by RV experiences,but now I'm back; you will be too. Good luck, :)
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    Kartchener Caverns State Park, Benson, Arizona

    I got the idea  that Fred waws looking to get in touch with me and I sent him an email.  I guess I have to add that to my profile. Fred and I are both in Sierra Vista and have talked on other occassions.
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    Kartchener Caverns State Park, Benson, Arizona

    I agree with Daisy.  Nice area and convenient to lot's to see. :)
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    Mountain passes and Steep Grades

    We drove 20 across to the Oregon coast just last SEP.  Stopped for a few days at Clear Lake.  The trip is not nearly as hard as the books might imply.  Nice trip, relatively easy and nice terrain. Enjoy it. :)
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    crew cab f250 pulling 5th wheel

    The Cougar model 5'ers have an extended pin box.  That said, it should pull well without a slider if you plan ahead.  That said again, I pull an extended pinbox Jayco with a Chevy short bed and I do have a slider.  (Reese 16K w/slider)  I haven't had cause to use the slider on the road yet, but...
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    Fifth Wheel Not Level While Towing

    I had a similar problem with my new (2006 Jayflight 245RBS) 5'er but was lucky.  Jayco engineered an adjustable bracket into the suspension that allowed me to lift the trailer 2 inches without having to flip the axles.  Lifting it 2 inches and lowering the hitch 1 inch proved successful.  I can...
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    Bird watching is better in the vicinity of the Huachuca Mountains and Sierra Vista.  It's a 30 mile 35 minute drive from Bisbee to Sierra Vista and the Huachuca's. There is a neat, but limited CG in Naco 1/2 way between Bisbee and SV collocated with the Turquoise Valley Gold Course that you...
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    ford f350

    The bed rail problem is a FACT.  Has been so for 2 or 3 years now.  One of those dumb things that ford did without thinking it out completely.  It can be overcome with a proper and properly installed hitch, but you will likely be a bit nose-high unless you pull an exceptionally long 5er. As for...
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    Pulling my 5er

    With Ford's deep bed and an 8 inch lift kit, I suspect you will have problems hooking up to ANY 5'er regardless of weight. Good luck.  I am not a fan of towing trailers of any kind to a TV that's lifted. :)
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    dumping black water issues

    Mostly PLAIN IGNORANCE!!!!! Yuck.  Makes you wonder if you're just over doing what we do to keep things clean or separated. ;D
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    Processor Help Please

    All Intel Dual-Core processors are 64bit processors.  After the first of the year MS will offer VISTA, a "pure 64bit OS"  In some cases, depending on the make and model you can get a $10 upgrade to Vista if you buy now.  Not sure I'd do it, but it's availalble.  I intend to buy a new High End...
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    New to RVing

    Gratz on your purchase, and good luck.  Hope you build many happy memories with it.  Stay tuned here for good info and don't hesitate to ask any questions you might have. Happy Trails, :)
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    Shore power

    I agree with NED.  I keep mine plugged in with the heater set to 55 degrees.  The LP sensor will kill your battery in about 2 weeks. Good luck. PS:  Thanks for the idea of keeping the cupboards open, Ned.
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